This documentary by photographer Joey L is a raw behind the scenes look into the latest Campaign for luxury brand ZAAF shot in some of Ethiopia’s famous landscapes using all African models and crew.

ZAAF is a collection of premium leather handbags and accessories crafted by artisans in Ethiopia. 

Joey´s crew climbed an active volcano, camped for days without electricity, and yet they somehow managed to photograph an advertising campaign in one of the hottest places on Earth- the Danakil Desert of Northern Ethiopia. This project for ZAAF Collection will go down as one of his top 5 favourite photoshoots of all time- a special project for both the overall vision as well as the journey creating it. Joey and ZAAF  Founder and Creative Director Abai Schulze were determined to go to whatever extreme necessary to showcase to the world this rich and unique landscape in the heart of Ethiopia. 

The photo series and documentary premiered at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in Washington, DC.