All photos by Mitch Rouse. Used with Creative Commons permission.


The work of Wyoming-based Mitch Rouse showcases a variety of landscapes and terrains that look unearthly when viewed from above. Innovative, experimental, and dedicated to extreme quality, Mitch pushes the boundaries of manned aerial photography by capturing familiar environments from completely new and surreal perspectives. 

His aerial photography highlights shapes, colours, and textures that are hidden from our everyday view. Mitch describes himself as "really interested in the chaotic geometry of images," and his photographs are shot with immense attention to detail.

Mitch began exploring the realm of aerial photography with high tech drones. Unsatisfied with the limitations of drones, he began photographing primarily straight down from fixed-wing aircraft. Mitch has now found the sweet spot between the two by developing a system that incorporates a Bell 407 helicopter, with a Shot Over gimbal-mounted to the nose, which contains a 150 MP Phase One XF IQ3 with lenses like the Schneider Kreuznach 35mm. This state-of-the-art system provides outstanding image quality and superior output. 


Check out Mitch Rouse’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his high-quality aerial photography.