Bright Tangerine is known for their quality matteboxes and innovative accessories. Recently they introduced their new Left Field line of camera accessories for the likes of Canon, RED and Arri cinema cameras. Here are some product highlights:

Canon C200 Left Field Cage 

Now you can build a full compact cinema rig around your C200 using Bright Tangerine products. 

Canon C200 Left Field Cage has a low profile design and contours to the camera body. Even with this snug fit, you can still remove your camera without disassembling cage. This cage is designed to add strength and versatility to your cine setup while transferring any physical stress from the camera body to the cage.

The C200 Left Field Cage can be purchased in kits to provide you with a complete cine cage solution. Kits include LWS rod support, quick release baseplate, sliding top plate and handle.

There are Plenty of 1/4" and 3/8” accessory ports with anti-twist to mount accessories like the quick release Titan Arms for rock-solid mounting. Bright Tangerine has also produced some great add-ons for this cage such as base plates, rods, dovetails, top handles, monitor adapters and more.


PROAV put the C200 cage to the test by creating a full cine rig with Bright Tangerine products. 


Left Field 19mm Studio Bridgeplate

The new Left Field 19mm Studio Bridgeplate has an intuitive quick release system. It is designed to provide optimal balance for your camera rig using an ARRI standard dovetail. It can be set to either RED or ARRI camera height standards (via the switchable inner plate)

The plate features a three-stage release system which allows you to slide the camera setup like a traditional bridge plate as well as lift off the camera setup vertically. This is handy when you are trying to work with a large, heavy camera setup or have other accessories that obstruct the camera from sliding back and forth on the dovetail. You won't have to move or take off your lens accessories just to take the camera off. It also means that can move from tripod to handheld with ease.

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