The College of Design at Commercial Vocational and Extended Training Centre St. Gallen (GBS), Switzerland, recently installed roughly 70 EIZO ColorEdge monitors. The monitors will be used for basic to advanced training in design and art. Students attending the school to become photographers or professionals in various fields of design.



Why EIZO? System administrator for the school, Daniel Brülisauer, says it is a good long-term investment: “invest in quality because it pays for itself in the long run.”

Professional programs used, such as InDesign, Photoshop, video editing with Cinema 4D, and a wide range of other creative tools require a monitor with high resolution and true colour reproduction. EIZO was found to be the superior choice for this job.



At the school, monitors are used intensively all day long, and by different people. EIZO monitors proved to be sturdy, adaptable to the user, and able to withstand the rigours of different applications over a long period of time without the picture quality deteriorating. The college was also looking for a monitor that retains accurate colour reproduction from monitor to print.

Some of the 70 monitors bought include CS2730, CS270, and CG247.