Lindsay Adler walks us through three different fashion shoots on location using the Tether Tools Case Air Wireless Tethering System.

Lindsay Adler is best known for her incredible portrait and fashion photography. In this video, Lindsay steps out of the studio to grab three different shots in a matter of minutes.

One challenge Lindsay finds when shooting on location is not being able to see the final result. In studio, you can shoot tethered, but it’s more difficult to set up your tethering workflow outdoors. To solve this, Lindsay relied on the Tether Tools Case Air Wireless Tethering System that allowed her to wirelessly send images to her iPad. This way she and her team could review the shots throughout the shoot. With the Case Air, she could check focus, exposure and more without having to rely on the back of her camera.

Shot: #1 – Lindsay used 'natural reflectors' to create a beautiful, soft natural light. For this shot she used a white van with a sliver of light hitting it to create a soft bounce for her model.

Shot #2 – For a high contrast image, Lindsay decided to use direct sunlight. For this shot, she placed the model directly in the sun and used her own hand as a gobo to create shadows on her face. That combined with a white and silver reflector created a bit of fill and catchlights in the eyes.

Shot #3 – For her last shot, Lindsay wanted to try something unexpected with a dash of colour to totally change the scene. For this, she used a combination of sunlight, studio light and gels. She placed her model in direct sunlight and used it as a rim light while her studio light and blue gel filled in the shadows with a rich blue colour.