In the above video tutorial, Bobo Matjila uses Savage stands and a combination of Printed Vinyl and Seamless Paper to build dynamic, dreamy sets. The video is packed full of really simple tips for you to create these colourful setups in your own home.

South African born Bobo is a popular influencer, photographer, fashion philosopher and uber-creative now based in New York City. She also co-hosts her own podcast, Afrolit. Bobo is a self-professed ‘constant foreigner’, gaining creative inspiration and personal growth from her travels. Her blog This Fashion Fiend is an eclectic mix of vibrancy and colour, fashion and beauty.



Bobo’s affable conversational approach and ability to self-photograph has garnered her over 83 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel alone. Unlike many influencers, Bobo remains very grounded, using her platforms to encourage personal expression and creativity, as well as talk about self-love and acceptance. She also raises awareness about social justice issues, often sparking pertinent conversations around race and gender.

Her YouTube channel is about sharing insight into her visually creative process - offering handy tips to try yourself.

Here are a few more ideas, using Savage products, on how to transform any room in your house into your own studio set up: 



If you want to know what all the buzz is about, or you're just looking for some cool and creative ideas tune into Bobo’s YouTube channel.