Kino Flo/Block KF21 Battery System, 140Whr, 28.8V

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This new Kino Flo/Block KF21 Battery System has been designed especially for the Kino Flo LED systems, truly maximizing their portability. Currently, this little power system is compatible with the Celeb 250 LED DMX, Diva-Lite 20 & 30 LED DMX, FreeStyle 31 & 21 LED DMX as well as the Select 20 & 30 LED DMX units. Capable of pumping out 28.8V (20-34VDC), it can power the compatible Kino Flo units, at full brightness, for about 70 minutes. The included Single Channel Fast Charger is designed to fully charge one Kino Flo/Block KF21 Battery in 1.5 hours, indicated by a stable glow of all three of the charger’s LEDs. Not only does the KF21 charge in less than half the time of a Lithium battery, but it also isn’t affected by the same travel restrictions.

Click here to see the BlockBattery Travel Documentation

Alongside this Kino Flo/Block KF21 is the Mafer Mount to mount the battery onto a Mafer clamp and plug it into a compatible Kino Flo fixture.

To keep your Kino Flo powered with maximum portability, order this Kino Flo/Block KF21 Battery System today!


Note: Try not to interrupt the fast charge before completion. Do not extra-charge a fully charged battery just before use as it is unnecessary and will potentially damage powered equipment.


To view the Operation Manual, click here




140WHR, 5.0A @ 28VDC           


6 x 4.5 x 3”

(15 x 11 x 8cm)


4.5 lb





Note:  BAT-KF21 is unrestricted for air and ground transport


BlockBattery Travel Documentation


Charger/Power Supply



Input Voltage

48VDC, 3.0A




Output Voltage


48V, 2.5A

120W Max


5.5 x 5.5 x 3.5”|(14 x 14 x 9cm)

6.5 x 2.5 x 1.5”

(16.5 x 6.5 x 4cm)


1.5 lb|(1.0kg)

2 lb


2x Block/KF21 Battery, 140Whr, 28.8V NiMH

1x Block/KF21 Single Fast Charger w/ Universal Pws

1x Block/KF21 Mafer Mount 28.8V, 3-Pin xlr, 3ft

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