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Pre-owned Sachtler FSB 6 Fluid Head and DA 75 L Tripod Legs (With Ground Spreader)

This Sachtler System FSB 6 utilizes the versatile movement of the FSB 6 Fluid Head and the strength of the DA 75 L Tripod.

With its compact size, the Sachtler FSB 6 Fluid Head is ideal for supporting small handheld camcorders and video-enabled DSLRs of up to 8kg. Featuring Sachtler's sideload mechanism, the FSB 6 boasts an exceptionally convenient quick-release system and an adjustable sliding balance plate. This ensures extremely quick and precise balancing. The sealed frictionless fluid damping allows you to tilt and pan your camera with four levels (including 0) of smooth drag. When you let go the FSB 6 will gently return your camera to its original position. There are two dials, one for vertical drag and one for horizontal drag. This means you'll be able to pan and/or tilt as precisely as you desire. Using the conveniently placed controls, FSB fluid heads can tilt 75 degrees back and a full 90 degrees forward.

The DA 75 L Tripod is an easily expandable aluminium tripod. Equipped with the Sachtler rotary clamping system, its height reaches a tall 141 cm. Add this distinguished Sachtler System FSB 6 to your gear today!

Sachtler System FSB 6 (DA 75 L Tripod with FSB 6 Fluid Head)

Load Capacity


Fluid head



DA 75 L


Ground spreader


5.1 kg

Height range

78 – 158 cm

Head fitting

75 mm

Transport length

101 cm


FSB 6 Fluid Head (alone)

Load Capacity

2 to 13.2 lb / 1 to 6 kg



Counter Balance System

10 steps plus 0 setting

Quick Release/Wedge Plate


Balance Plate

Yes, 4.7" / 120mm Sliding Range

Tilt Drag

3 Steps plus 0

Tilt Range

-70 to 90°

Tilt Lock


Pan Range


Pan Drag

3 Steps plus 0

Pan Lock


Leveling Bubble/Illuminated

Yes / Yes

Temperature Range

-40 to +140°F / -40 to +60°C


4.2 lbs / 1.9 kg


DA 75 L Tripod Legs (alone)

Load Capacity

33 lb (15 kg)

Head Attachment Fitting

75mm bowl

Maximum Height

55.5" / 141 cm)

Minimum Height

24" / 61 cm

Folded Length

32.3 / 82 cm


4.2 lb / 1.9 kg

Material of Construction


Leg Lock Type


Independent Leg Spread



Included: Ground
Optional: Mid-level

Spiked Feet

Dual Spikes

1x FSB 6 Fluid Head

1x DA 75 Tripod with 75mm bowl

1x On-Ground Tripod Spreader

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