Proaim 3ft Flyking Precision Camera Slider (Mitchell Mount) with Flight Case

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- Well-engineered top platform

- Smooth, quiet movements

- 360° Rotation

- Cardellini head lock

- Anti-vibration shock absorber

- Gentle rail-end stops

- Rugged carriage break

- Adjustable height, sucker feet


Need a slider that will deliver smooth and precise shots every time? This Proaim Flyking Precision Camera Slider is for you, offering the ability of effortless 3600 pans, push pull shots and lateral sliding.

This slider is fitted with a Mitchell mount and will accept Mathew, Sacthler or any other 150/100/75mm base head (bowl adapters are available separately).

You'll enjoy sturdy, silent and smooth camera movement as its camera platform uses 8 Metalon-covered ball bearings to slide along its one-piece aluminium rails.

The Cardellini Head lock lets you mount this slider onto a Mitchell tripod with just a twist. As you twist, 3 angled jaws extend to firmly hold the head in place and support your desired set up.

Even when reaching the ends of the rail, movement will be smooth as shock absorbers, in the form of spring mechanisms, ensure gentle, controlled stops.

During the 3600 Pan Rotation, you can use the panning lock to make sure there’s no unwanted shift in movement.

This Proaim Flyking Precision Camera Slider features exact index marks to simplify focusing, repeat positioning and indicate overall camera movement.

Shooting on flat or uneven terrain won’t be a problem as this slider's feet are height-adjustable and fitted with rubber suckers.

Take this slider with you anywhere - quick to set up with little to no maintenance and field-ready.


Proaim Flyking Precision Camera Slider


Proaim Flyking Slider Review


Flawlessly Stabilized Movements


 High Grade Aluminium, CNC made

 Load Capacity

 70kg/ 154lb



 Travel Distance

 2ft 3inch

 Tripod Mount Type

 Mitchell Base. Also will mount on bowl tripods having 1/4"-20 & 3/8”-16 screw

 Camera Mount Type

 Mitchell Mount

 360 Degree Pan Lock


 Sliding Lock




 Ball bearing

 Steel, metalon bush

 Minimum Height from Ground to Platform


 Maximum Height from Ground to Platform


 Camera bowl mount

 17.5 cm dia

 Track Rail Center distance

 12 cm

 Product Weight (without Hardcase)

 12kg / 26.45lb

 Flight Case Dimension (L*W*H)


 Volume Weight

 24.5kg / 54lb

 Gross Weight

 28kg / 61.70b

1x Flyking Mitchell Mount Camera Slider

2x Crossbars

4x Feet

1x Flight Case

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