Proaim 3ft Widebase Autopan 2-Axis Camera Slider

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- Panoramic, parallax & straight shots

- Smooth, silent operation (4 ball bearings)

- Wide platform, maximum stability & support


This Proaim 3ft Widebase Autopan 2- Axis Camera Slider is an excellent addition to your gear, allowing you to shoot parallax and panoramic shots.

This slider provides exceptional smoothness thanks to the Ball bearing technology - designed to ensure astonishingly smooth shots.

Its large carriage plate makes mounting a ball and video fluid head easy while its locking system allows you to fix your camera in place.

There are many ways to mount this slider, not just to a tripod or stand but, thanks to its skid proof adjustable feet, it can also find stability on a table or the ground.

This Proaim 3ft Widebase Autopan 2- Axis Camera Slider is crafted from one-piece aluminium for a lightweight, strong build and its main components are the camera mount and guide bar that runs through the mount.


Proaim 3ft Widebase Autopan Camera Slider





 Tripod mounting

1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16

 Camera mounting

1/4"-20 Screw & BS-100

 Load Capacity

15kg / 33.06lb

 Camera Travelling Distance


 Height from Ground

Min. 95mm & Max. 105mm

 Ball Bearings

Oil filled

 Product Weight (without packing)

3.47kg / 7.65lb

1x Proaim Widebase Autopan Camera Slider

1x BS-100

1x Bag Packing

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